A policy of conduct when dealing with other libertarians.

It is natural to feel an affinity with people who share your values, and no one wants to go through life with his or her guard up constantly. But we live in a politically dangerous world in which virtues like candor can become weapons used against us. There are movement people with whom you could trust your life. Overwhelmingly, however, you should draw hard lines to preserve the privacy necessary to protect yourself against the 'fellow-travelers' with whom you're associating.

Reduced to bullet-point statements, some of them are:

--never provide personal information that is not otherwise readily available
--never speak of anything illegal that you may have ever done
--never speak of anything illegal that others you know may have done
--do not get into speculative gossip e.g. about who does drugs or not
--do not leave personal papers lying around or unattended in public
--do not have strangers as overnight guests. They are poised to search your files
--do not write an email or a letter that you wouldn't publish in the New York Times
--do not discuss sensitive matters over the phone
--when speaking to someone you trust make sure you know who else is nearby
--break off any conversation in which a person is asking inappropriate questions
--do not fill out surveys re: anything but your political beliefs. They are not anonymous
--do not take strangers at face value. Do not be rude, of course, but take things slowly
--be transparent about your beliefs and your activities within the movement
--be suspicious of those too candid about their own illegal or financial dealings
--be suspicious of those who push to do questionable acts.