All but one of the ties above are imprinted with the bar sinister [ / ]. That's how ties were until the 1920's, when Brooks Brothers boldly introduced ties with the bar dexter [ \ ].

The bar dexter [\] dominated until the 1970's., During the 70's bar dexter [ \ ] was phased out, neutral patterns transitioned, and then the bar sinister [ / ] phased in. By the 80's the conversion back to pre-1920's was generally complete.

Wearing the bar dexter [ \ ] is an open declaration of the people's self governance in a republic.

Wearing the bar sinister [ / ] is an open declaration of the citizens accepting government control in a democracy. "No Parking" signs use the bar dexter [ \ ] where not to park.

The USA was known as, "The Great Experiment in Self Government." The people of the United States are legally all sovereigns who govern themselves. That is reflected in California Government Code Section 100, "The sovereignty of the state resides in the people thereof,..."; Section 11120, "...The people of this state do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies which serve them...", and Section 54950, "...The people of this State do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies which serve them....".

Now, the USA is called a democracy, though Princeton and Northwestern universities' research show it is presently run as an oligarchy (control by a small class of persons). The necktie with a bar sinister is a visible symbol of the country's current status set by the oligarchy.

In once sense, one could say, "The people own the government. The government owns the citizens."