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This page is an annotated list of World Wide Web material related to the so-called "patriot" movement, concentrating on militias, common law courts, and sovereign citizens, and also containing pages related to tax protesters, white supremacists, and neo-secessionists.  It also lists pages of organizations which oppose these movements, as well as a variety of miscellaneous pages. It is designed for people who want to know more about the movement and what people are saying about it. Several notes of caution are in order: 

1. Web Pages change all the time. Although we update this list when possible, be prepared for the possibility that the page you want to find no longer exists. Help would be appreciated in noting those changes; if you note that a particular Web item cannot be found, please let us know via e-mail to We would also like to hear of new sites.

2. Important! More and more people are erroneously coming to think that all information can be found on the World Wide Web. It cannot. Although there are a number of members of the militia movement active in Usenet and on the Web, only a small amount of militia-related material actually exists in cyberspace. Newsletters, shortwave broadcasts and videotapes still provide more information than can currently be found on the Web. Relying only on information accessed electronically will inevitably present a skewed picture of the militia movement, although particularly since 1996 the militia presence on the Web has been growing. 

3. This list can never be complete; it is by its very nature somewhat selective. We have tried to collect the core body of militia-related material on the Web. We also try to be comprehensive in including "sovereign citizen" sites. When we first started we were rather inclusive (those were the days when it was possible to look at every single instance of the word "militia" that a web search might turn up), but subsequent revisions of this list have become more selective as the amount of discovered material has grown. We are particularly selective about including news articles, because they generally have a short "shelf life." Especially useful in finding new material is the Web search engine Google, which currently seems to the best search engine available when one considers comprehensiveness and speed. 

With those caveats in mind, here is the list. 

Number of new links added (March 5, 2000): 110

Total Number of links: 515


Note: Many of these sites contain material relating to more than one of the below categories, so to some degree the divisions below are arbitrary.

  1. New Links 
  2. Home Pages of Militia Groups 
  3. Home Pages of Groups or Persons Related to the Militia Movement 
  4. Pages Related to the Common Law/Sovereign Citizen Movement 
  5. Anti-Militia Pages 
  6. Articles or Collections of Articles about the Militia or "Patriot" Movements 
  7. Source Material from the "Patriot" Movement Itself 
  8. White Supremacy and Hate Sites (not comprehensive)
  9. Tax Protesters
  10. Collections of Links 
  11. Miscellaneous 
  12. Neo-Secessionist

1. New Links

Note: These links are not necessarily newly created, though many actually are. But for purposes of this list, they are simply links that we have recently discovered and added to the list. These links also appear in the lists below; they are duplicated here for the benefit of those who regularly come to this list to find the new material. Sometimes sites with updated URLs are listed here, too. 


2. Home Pages of Militia Groups

  1. 42nd/58th/59th Brigades Missouri Militia. Http:// A Missouri Militia website with little content.
  2. The Ohio Unorganized Militia Assistance And Advisory Committee. Http:// What appears to be an attempt to reform a militia umbrella group in Ohio after a very bad year.
  3. The Viper Reserves. Http:// Essentially the web page of the Viper Defense Fund, in support of the jailed Arizona Viper Militia members.
  4. Minnesota Minutemen Militia. Http:// This site puts Louis Beam right up there with Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine. Contains an "bookstore."
  5. Republic of Texas Defense Force. Http:// Support site for Republic of Texas "Texas Guardians," Defense Force Personnel. Light on content.
  6. Central Ohio Unorganized Militia. Http:// The home page of a neo-militia group from in and around Columbus, Ohio. 
  7. California Militia. Http:// Formerly the Constitutional Militia of Southern California. Includes online newsletter and patriot chat room. 
  8. North Carolina Citizen Militia. Http:// Very little info. 
  9. Michigan Militia Home Page. Http:// The home page of the Michigan Militia. Apparently not updated very often. 
  10. Militia of Montana. Http:// This was the Web page of the infamous "Militia of Montana." Becoming more extensive. 
  11. The Constitution Society. Http:// The home page of the Constitution Society, headed by militia figure Jon Roland.
  12. Louisiana Unorganized Militia. Http:// Runs a cable TV show. 
  13. Southeastern Ohio Defense Force. Http:// Describes itself as an "incorporated non-political state militia."
  14. 7th Missouri Militia. Http:// Home to 'The Modern Militiaman, a Journal of the Modern Resistance Movement," edited by the loudmouthed Martin Lindstedt. See also Patrick Henry On-Line, "your one-stop shopping for sedition."
  15. Southeastern States Alliance Militia Headquarters. Http:// Not much more than some phone numbers and addresses.
  16. United States Theatre Command. Http:// Loose militia alliance of Michigan radicals David Rydel and Art Bean, Mississippi militia leader Drew Rayner and others. Site includes news, conference room and interesting links.
  17. The Real Deal. A clever little website associated with the Santa Fe Militia. Also heavily into common law themes.
  18. Pomona Valley Militia. Http:// Not just a militia unit, but a "special forces group." Little content.
  19. The 2nd Cavalry, 14th Division Kentucky State Militia page. Http:// Actually, the title of the unit has more content than the page itself.
  20. The Palmetto State Guard. Http:// So far very little content in this South Carolina militia site.
  21. Militia Channel Homepage on Efnet. Http:// Information page for an ICR channel on militia chat.
  22. Ted Davis Memorial Brigade. Http:// Ostensibly, a unit of the Oregon Militia.
  23. Montana Unorganized Militias  Http://  Formerly Billings Assault Militia. Purports to be the site for an “underground” militia group in Montana.
  24. Militia Report, Columbiana County, Ohio. Http:// Home page for an Ohio-based militia headed by "General" Don Vos, one of the early and more radical militia leaders in the state. Identifies the creator of the Militia Watchdog as "most likely" a federal agent.
  25. 508th Airborne Regiment, Texas National Defense. Http:// The home page for an east Texas militia group led by "Brigadier General" Randy Miller. The group is apparently one of those militia groups where everybody gets to be an "officer;" the 508th even has "agricultural officers." Latest version of the site includes only one document—a letter from the head of the “American Revolutionary Army.”
  26. North Mississippi Militia. Http:// If you have problems accessing this site directly, try going through Http:// first. This is the webpage of a Mississippi-based militia group headed by Drew Rayner. This has been a pretty active group that has engaged in confrontations with local authorities. The website has a fair amount of material as well.
  27. Arizona Unorganized Militia . Http:// Ostensibly the website for an Arizona militia group, it seems just a way to get people to "America Unlimited’s" money-making scheme.
  28. The Guardians. Http:// Website of the Guardians of Liberty, purportedly a militia group. Doesn’t contain much, but does have an interesting "chat" room.
  29. Ramblings. Http:// Home page for Mike Johnson, the spokesman for the North Central Florida Regional Militia. Contains various militia, patriot writings.
  30. South East Texas Defense Force. Http:// Website for a secessionist militia group. Relatively little content.
  31. Texas Shock Front Elite. Http:// Webpage for what is apparently a Texas-based militia-like group. However, the site was virtually shut down for reorganization when visited, so virtually nothing about it could be determined.
  32. New Mexico Citizens Regulated Militia. Http:// A militia page with quite a bit of content. Also includes an extensive set of links.
  33. Wayne County Militia of Michigan. Http:// A Michigan Militia webpage; relatively little content, but at least it is not overstuffed with graphics.
  34. South Carolina Militia Corps. Http:// An ambitious if not wholly realized militia page.
  35. Thirteenth Texas Infantry Regiment. Http:// Webpage for a unit of the "Texas Volunteer Field Forces." This militia group purports to operate in Bryan, Conroe, Austin and San Antonio.
  36. Iowa Unorganized Militia. Http:// A next-to-nothing website purporting to be that of a militia group in Iowa.
  37. Militia of Montana.Http:// The revised Militia of Montana home page.A website for the oldest and most well-known militia group.Most of the site is devoted to hawking goods.
  38. Virginia Citizen’s Militia.Http:// for a Roanoke-based group.Includes back issues of their newsletter.
  39. Viper Militia.Http:// webpage for a militia ostensibly operating in the Cochella Valley area of California.It took the name from the Arizona group that got into trouble with the law. It seems largely the creation of one young man.
  40. Washington County (Maine) Constitutional Militia. Http:// very bare-bones website purporting to be that of a Maine militia unit.
  41. Hudson Highlands Free Militia.Http:// for a New York-based militia group. Fairly standard material.
  42. California Militia Training Center.Http:// plain and fairly bare-bones website; much of what little material is available is gun-related.
  43. Danville Militia.Http:// website ostensibly for a militia group based in Danville, California.However, the site is virtually non-existent and contains no content, so it may be a hoax.
  44. Pennsylvania State Military Reserve.Http:// for a paramilitary group which wants to be accepted by the state of Pennyslvania as its “state defense force” (unlikely, since the state disbanded theirs).
  45. Pomona Valley Militia.Http:// southern California militia group’s minimal webpage.What little content there is here focuses on gun issues.
  46. South Dakota Unorganized Militia.Http:// pretty ugly webpage for a plains state militia group.
  47. Marietta Militia.Http:// The homepage for the Marietty, Pennsylvania, Militia, of Lancaster County.Hardly anything here.
  48. Michigan Militia of Wayne County.Http://, this website includes white supremacist Louis Beam’s essay on the concept of “leaderless resistance.”
  49. New Jersey Militia.Http:// of the relatively old New Jersey Militia.Contains issues of their newsletter and other items.
  50. Militia of North Dakota.Http:// Fargo-based website.Not much remarkable here.
  51. Minnesota Minuteman Militia, Fifth Brigade.Http:// militia group based around St. Cloud, Minnesota.Page does not contain a lot of material.
  52. Missouri 51st Militia.12/21Http:// for the old and well-known militia group.This is the militia whose business card was found in Terry Nichols’ wallet.
  53. Michigan Militia, Tenth Brigade.Http:// militia group from Isabella County, Michigan, associated with militia leader Tom Wayne.This website contains quite a bit of material.
  54. The Intelligence Report.Http://, this is the website for militia shortwave broadcaster Mark Koernke, the militia movement’s primary rabble rouser.The website’s design—or lack thereof—may cause many to lose interest.Essentially it is unformatted stream of consciousness typing by Koernke.Still, those who monitor the militia movement should visit it.
  55. The Official Homepage of the California Militia.  Http:// unremarkable militia page, with various gun and paramilitary items.
  56. The Official Pack 44 Militia.Http:// A minimal webpage purporting to be that of a militia group in Eastern Nebraska.
  57. The Patriot Underground. home page of an alleged militia in northeastern Nevada.Includes a “chatt” [sic] room and a message board.
  58. New Mexico’s Liberty Corps 3rd Brigade.Http:// for a militia group in southern New Mexico, headquartered in Las Cruces.Includes a message board.
  59. New Mexico Militia. New Mexico militia page.This one includes a number of conspiracy-related files and similar materials.
  60. Militia of Florida.Http:// bare-bones website, free of content.
  61. Michigan Militia.Http:// interesting website for a large militia group.Includes a newsletter.
  62. The People’s Militia.Http:// for an Illinois militia group with Libertarian Party affiliations.Very little content.
  63. The Southern Indiana Regional Militia/. Http:// militia group started in 1999 designed to work as an umbrella group.Judging by the website address, it is related to the Greene County Militia which has a site at and is headed by a “colonel” Janice Stalcup.
  64. The Citizens Militia of Maryland.Http:// for someone trying to start a militia group in Maryland.Much of it is gun-oriented.
  65. So. Cal. High Desert Militia.Http:// virtually content-free website alleging to be that for a Southern California militia group.
  66. New Mexico Militia.Http:// for the New Mexico Citizens Regulated Militia.Looks like a new home for an older site.Some materials, not of recent vintage.
  67. Militia of East Tennessee 3rd Brigade.Http:// An East Tennessee militia group that has been around for a few years.The website is sparse but includes some information.
  68. Militia Alliance.Http:// A web-based chat room for militia sympathizers.Few members.
  69. A web-based discussion board for the “Michigan Militia Corps, Wolverines, 10th Brigade, Isabella County.”
  70. Patriot Broadcasting Network.Http:// for the militia-connected shortwave talk show network, featuring luminaries such as Mark Koernke, Sean Conover, etc. Koernke’s Intel Report site can be found at Http://

  71. Second American Revolutionary Army.Http:// site that purports to be representing a militia group in Southern California.
  72. Sons of Liberty Militia.Http:// Pennsylvania-based militia (perhaps a militia of “one”—Tim Stine).This is just one page of a small website at Http://
  73. United States Special Operations Citizens Militia of Florida.Http:// for a militia allegedly started in Florida in 1997.Name of militia almost longer than text of website; what little content there is concentrates on gun issues.
  74. Militias of America.Http:// small website ostensibly designed to help citizens find militia groups in their vicinity to join.It claims to have been founded in 1991.Includes webring and mailing list.
  75. Connecticut 51st Militia.Http:// Webpage for a militia group trying to start up in Connecticut. Includes a Yahoo Club at
  76. Michigan Militia, 4th Division, 19th Brigade, Roscommon County. Http:// non-existent site for a Michigan militia group.
  77. Indiana Citizens Volunteer Militia Online Forum.Http:// Web-based message board associated with an Indiana militia group.The URL, non-operative when checked, for the group itself is supposedly
  78. New England Militia Alliance.Http:// message board for militia-interested New Englanders.Small audience so far.
  79. Midsouth Liberty Alliance.Http:// for an “alliance” between the North Mississippi Militia, West Tennessee Militia, and East Arkansas Militia.Contains some interesting material, updates.
  80. 508th Regiment.Http:// latest URL for Randy Miller’s militia Webpage.
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  • 3. Home Pages of Groups or Persons Related to the Neo-Militia or Patriot Movements

    1. Patriot's Place. Http:// A Kentucky-based "patriot" website, apparently maintain posthumously, possibly associated with the Kentucky militia. It has a considerable library of files and links, but to use it you have to suffer through some very loud music. 
    2. E Pluribus Unum. Http:// This is the home page of the organization formerly associated with the Ohio Unorganized Militia. Now it ostensibly supports the E Pluribus Unum Patriot group.
    3. The New World Odor. Http:// An anti-New World Order page. Jam-packed with various conspiracy theories.
    4. First Amendment Publishers. Http:// A site which will sell you various "services," including anti-tax, sovereign citizen and Freedom-of-Information services.
    5. The Vigilance Society of America. Http:// Ostensibly wants to build an organization of 25,000,000 members by the end of 1999, but mostly seems to want to hawk a book and get donations.
    6. Outpost of Freedom Home Page. Http:// Home page of patriot personality Gary Hunt. Contains essays on a variety of subjects ranging from Waco to the Sibley/Lyons cop-killing case.
    7. The Patriot Page Http:// An Arizona-based patriot page with a variety of enthusiastically presented links, including a number of tax protest links. Also many standard conspiracy themes represented here.
    8. American Resource Center. Http:// A potpourri of patriot information from Oklahoma, including militia info and some of Dan Meador's tax protest/common law material. Mostly, however, it is useful for its links to patriot shortwave and satellite radio.
    9. Internet Free America. Http:// Typical patriot site--apparently, it used to be a BBS. Contains lists of various resources, some of which are useful.
    10. Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. Http:// The web page for the small, militant, pro-firearms and pro-militia group. Although the title suggests that its membership consists of Jews, in fact, the organization is open to anybody, and the majority of its members appear to be non-Jews. 
    11. Hearthside Family Publications. Http:// A collection of "patriot" articles, most written by  Dave Delany, who along with former Ohio militia figure Helen Reed, maintains this site.
    12. Freedom Page. Http:// A collection of various "patriot" related materials.
    13. Committee of Safety of the United States of America. Http:// Modern day "Committees of Protection, Correspondence & Safety" formed to deal with the "problem of government" as did the colonists of the Revolutionary War period.
    14. Bo Gritz. Http:// The site of the infamous patriot leader Bo Gritz. Basically this site does nothing but hawk his SPIKE training and SPIKE videos. 
    15. The Intelligence Service.  Http:// The web page of Harvest Trust, one of the creations of militia proponent and former UFO enthusiast William Cooper of Arizona. This page is apparently no longer in operation, but may have been replaced by 
    16. WWCR Home Page. Http:// The home page of shortwave radio station WWCR ("World Wide Christian Radio"). This is one of the major right-wing extremist stations on shortwave. 
    17. Area 51. Http:// A "Christian American Patriotic web site" which has gone through various incarnations. This is the latest.
    18. Minuteman Press. Http:// A rambling on-line newsletter supporting the militia movement that has considerable information. 
    19. The Unorganized Militias. Http:// A page supportive of the militia movement. Relatively little content. 
    20. Frugal Squirrel's Homepage for Patriots, Survivalists, and Gun Owners. Http:// A survivalist web page. 
    21. Gospel Plow. Http:// Reconstructionist Christian organization urges the "Christian Freeman" to arm and train to fight the New World Order.
    22. Common Ground.  Http:// A survivalist website; contains some militia-related items.
    23. The Committee to Restore the Constitution. Http:// A Colorado website promoting the "hidden facts behind our national crisis." Defines constitutional powers which need activating in order to ward off a NWO dictatorship. The product of longtime extremist Archibald Roberts.
    24. The Patriot. Http:// Typical but attractive-looking patriot page. Good links.
    25. Viking Phoenix Home Page. Http:// Information about the Special Forces Underground and other conspiratorial topics.
    26. The Constitution Party.  Http:// A political party closely linked with the 'patriot' movement; formerly the U.S. Taxpayers Party.
    27. Citizens for Better Government. Http:// From militias to tax protests to sovereignty to Jewish bankers to the New World Order, these citizens know what it is they do and don't want.
    28. Patrick Henry On-Line. Http:// Home page of white supremacist Martin Lindstedt.
    29. Take Back Tennesee. Http:// An extreme property rights group which appears to be essentially a front for the Tennessee Militia and other various extremist groups.
    30. Qui-Tam. Http:// The website for the Sweeneys, who despite the aid of various militia people, were unable to keep their house from being seized for the nonpayment of a million dollar plus loan.
    31. BATF (Bad Attitude Toward Freedom). Http:// The home page of jailed North American Militia figure Brad Metcalf. 
    32. Newswatch Magazine. Http:// The home page for a Texas-based magazine which concentrates on prophecy and conspiracy. British Israelist, if not Identity, in nature.
    33. American Patriot Friends Network. Http:// Other than annoyingly loud music, there is little to distinguish this site from many other "patriot" sites. Still, there are a number of files here on subjects ranging from OKC to the Montana Freemen which may be of interest to some.
    34. Republic Radio. Http:// Home to patriot broadcasters. Program schedule and a few links at this content light site.
    35. Committees of Safety. Http:// A site designed to organize "committees of safety" across the United States. At this point, relatively little content.
    36. Take Back Kentucky. Http:// Take Back Kentucky section of another site. Take Back Kentucky, like its Tennessee partner, is an extreme property rights group that consists of members of other extremist organizations which are less "respectable" than Take Back Kentucky purports to be.
    37. U.S. Freedom Fighters. Http:// A Content Free website. Nothing but a collection of quotes.
    38. Wolfe's Lodge.  Http:// Webpage of patriot activist Claire Wolfe. Her writings are popular in some patriot circles.
    39. We the People. Http:// Basically discussion boards for patriots. No hidden gold here, but it's something to look at.
    40. Web Today. Http:// News from a "Christian, constitutional, and conservative perspective, with no room for racism or anti-Semitism."
    41. Rebellion's Bunker. Http:// A graphics-heavy free for all. 
    42. Save Our Republic. Http:// This difficult-to-negotiate site doesn't have that much content on it, although it does have some useful contact and resource lists.
    43. American Freedom Network Homepage. Http:// Associated with the radio network; mostly survivalist oriented, like the magazine.
    44. The Christian Constitutional Network. Http:// An extremely unattractive site (every word is in capital letters) which really doesn't do anything except ask people for donations.
    45. Maureen's Patriotic Resources. Http:// A number of links and articles on a variety of patriot-related issues.
    46. Christians United for Responsible Enlightenment of Society. Http:// An "educational outreach ministry" which opposes "one world government." The site contains a number of essays, including several by prominent Christian Identity and white supremacist figures, such as Louis Beam and Bruce McCarthy. The ideology of this site is difficult to pin down exactly, but seems to be somewhere between "common law" ideology and some sort of theocracy.
    47. Citizens for Better Government. Http:// A site representing a wide range of concerns, some merely conservative, others more identifiably "patriot." Connections to the Florida Militia.
    48. NORFED. Http:// The home page of the National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve Act and the Internal Revenue Code. 
    49. The Patriot Page. Http:// Not much original content in this bland site, but does contain a great many links to a variety of other pages, including some interesting and amusing ones. It can definitely keep you occupied.
    50. Sovereign Man! Http:// A page typical of many one-man patriot sites: a few documents, more links, and too many gratuitous graphics.
    51. Take Back America. Http:// A general website for the various "take back" groups, i.e., Take Back Arkansas, Take Back Tennessee, etc. However, only three seem to be associated with this page. Many Take Back groups are associated with militia and sovereign citizen groups, while others seem more linked to Wise Use and property rights groups. This website has little content.
    52. Educate America Foundation. Http:// Homepage for the Educate America Foundation and also allegedly for the "Third Mechanized Information Militia." Mostly just anti-Clinton, with some various sovereign citizen, tax protest, conspiracy and other items in it. 
    53. Belligerent ‘Claimant’ Page. Http:// A call to arms by an angry "patriot" who believes that "America is at war!" Advocates casing car lots and other places to steal items needed "for self-defense when the time comes." Aside from this, not much content.
    54. Citizens for Legal Responsibility. Http:// An anti-judge and anti-lawyer website which collects information on such individuals. 
    55. The Wallace Institute. Http:// An organization started by tax protest lawyer Larry Becraft of Alabama, apparently as a legal support center for various "patriot" issues. 
    56. Truth Is Freedom. Http:// A mixed bag of patriot, common law, UFO, conspiracy and other links and documents. 
    57. Controversy Corner.Http:// A typical “patriot” page, with a little conspiracy theory, a little common law, some tax protest, etc.
    58. The Patriot News. Http:// site wants to start a new Continental Congress.
    59. J. J. Johnson. Http:// of former Ohio militia figure J. J. Johnson, who was for a while a poster boy for the movement because he is African-American.
    60. Great Lakes Property Rights League.Http:// Michigan-based property rights organization with definite “patriot” leanings.Supports militias, etc.
    61. We the People.Http:// Mostly a message forum for “patriots.” Following some of the discussions can be interesting.
    62. On Eagles’ Wings.Http:// An “enthusiastic” site designed to promote the radical U.S. Taxpayers Party.
    63. Wizardkiller’s Home in Cyberspace.Http:// personal page of an apparent Identity adherent, with a mixed bag of conspiracy, anti-government, common law and other materials.
    64. Liberty Tree.Http:// Idaho-based “patriot” site with aims of unifying disparate groups.
    65. The Patriot Page.Http:// this page is a long list of links to other pages, but there is some original content here and there.It opposes “martial law,” supports militias, and is in most respects a typical “patriot” movement page.
    66. Southern Sons of Liberty.Http:// more or less belligerent “patriot” page, apparently linked to militias.
    67. American Heritage Party of Montana.Http:// webpage is the site of a fringe party in Big Sky Country.
    68. The Christian Intelligence Advisory.Http:// A conspiracy page (concentration camps for America, chemtrails, etc.) with a lot of emphasis on Christianity.
    69. extremist page with a variety of materials related to conspiracies, taxes, anti-Clinton items, and similar subjects.
    70. A Patriot's WWW Research Base.Http:// variety of links and articles on conspiracy and patriot themes.Many of them are old.
    71. Voices of We the People.Http:// An “independent forum” dedicating to fighting the New World Order.Here you can peruse Washington’s Farewell Address or skip straight to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.Mainly it’s a message board.
    72. Fraternal Order of Tennessee Constables.Http:// a group which wants to restore constables to Tennessee.Related to militia and other “patriot” groups in the state.
    73. Free Kentucky.Http:// “news for Kentuckians who love liberty” site has various militia, gun, and patriot-related resources.Appears to be associated with “Take Back Kentucky” through Barry Bright.
    74. The Patriotic Liberator.Http:// A website associated with Jeff Davis, containing a few articles on various subjects.
    75. The Patriot’s Alliance.Http:// Cass, County, Michigan, website, linked to militia and patriot groups in the area.
    76. Liberty Mall.Http:// colloidal silver to bogus driving permits, this is a one-stop shopping mall.
    77. Inalienable Rights - Home Page.Http:// Discussion groups on a variety of “patriot” themes from the New World Order to the Federal Reserve.
    78. Council on Domestic Relations.Http:// revived Webpage for this militia-related extremist group (most active in the mid-1990s).
    79. Infowars Home Page.Http:// home page for Alex Jones, a Texas-based radio broadcaster who appeals to the militia and patriot movement.Much on coming “martial law” in America.
    80. The Pharos Connection.Http:// not easily categorizable personal website that nevertheless has a lot of material, most of it related to the author.
    81. American Patriot Information.Http:// potpourri of information and links relating to militias, conspiracies, and also mainstream right-wing issues.
    82. American Patriot Friends Network.Http:// A mostly conspiracy-related site; includes message board and chat room.
    83. Committees of Safety of the United States of America.Http:// webpage arguing for the reestablishment of“committees of safety” in the United States.
    84. The United States Freedom Fighters Home Page.Http:// long exercise in downloading.
    85. Take Back Georgia, Inc.Http:// Another “Take Back” website, this one claims not to be associated with militia groups.However, it is anti-gay, anti-New World Order, believes the UN is taking over National Parks, etc.
    86. Constitution Web Site.Http:// mix of extreme right-wing issues, focusing on issues like executive orders, jury nullification, etc.Some materials related to the “Republic of Texas.”
    87. Millennium 2 Thousand Talk.Http:// “patriot” talk radio network that includes people like common law activist Brent Johnson, Bo Gritz, Lyndon LaRouche, etc.
    88. Constitutional Party of Pennsylvania.Http:// state website for the former U.S. Taxpayers Party.Plays the “Beer Barrel Polka.”
    89. Free America.Http:// An “online journal” interested in conspiracy theories, black helicopters, the Federal Reserve, etc.
    90. Washington State People’s Assembly.Http:// yes">Concerned about a variety of issues—permits, federal reserve, etc.Not too attractive, but there is some material here.Claims not to be “illiterate,” but even the page’s title line contains two errors.
    91. Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.Http:// site with a variety of conspiracy and patriot-oriented materials. 
    92. The WINDS. Http:// collection of articles on editorials on various conspiratorial and anti-government topics.
    93. Radio Free Lenawee.Http:// Webpage for patriot video hawker Rick Strawcutters unlicensed radio station.
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  • 4. Pages Related to the Common Law/Sovereign Citizen Movement (see also Neo-Secessionist).

    1. Secret to Reclaim Your Power through Freedom and Sovereign Technology. Http:// Tax protest/sovereign citizen newsletter of sorts. 
    2. National Commodity and Barter Association. Http:// This group is a dinosaur by the standards of patriot group life spans, dating back to the old Posse Comitatus days, when founder John Grandbouche defiantly ran a "barter bank." Now, led by John Voss, it is more tax protest and anti-paper money oriented.
    3. Sovereignty Workshop. Http:// A former LA-based BBS system, it is now on the Web. Contains a very large number of files on sovereign citizenship and other subjects. See also
    4. Our American Common Law. Http:// On-line version of common law treatise by Howard Fisher and Dale Pond. Migraine sufferers should avoid this page.
    5. The Free World Order. Http:// An attractively designed sovereign citizen site. They almost make it seem inviting. Quite useful is a summary of the "common law" theories at
    6. R. J. Tavel's Self-Help Legal Clinic and Sovereign. Http:// The home page of Liberty's Educational Advocacy Forum, Indiana's Fully Informed Jury Association, Inc. A mishmash of issues and concerns.
    7. State Citizenship Page. Http:// A collection of essays about sovereign citizenship. Interestingly, part of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania website. They also buy into Eugene Schroeder's notion that the Constitution has been suspended; see
    8. Tribal Wish Homepage. Http:// The personal journey of one person's descent into sovereign citizenship. You'll find copies of various documents and other tidbits about sovereign citizen ideology.
    9. Living Word Ministry . Http:// A sovereign "ministry" devoted largely to hawking the works of the "Rt. Rev. Dr. Jeff Ganaposki."
    10. Foundation for Biblical Studies. Http:// Formerly the Patrick Henry Foundation for Common Law Studies, and before that the John Jay Center for American Law, Dominion Theology Reigns at this common law site. Currently has a more religious than common law bent, but there is still some material there. 
    11. Resource Center for Citizens for Several State Republics of America. Http:// A longstanding common law site which undergoes periodic and inexplicable name changes. Most often the name uses the initials "SCRC," i.e. "sovereign citizen research center," and so forth. Tends to be commercial in nature.
    12. The Citizen's Forum Home Page. Http:// Another page like the above, which suggests that there is a difference between being a "US citizen" and a "state citizen." Also contains links to other sites. 
    13. USA the Republic. Http:// A "patriot" page concentrating on the 14th Amendment, the Federal Reserve, Common Law, and other typical issues. Fairly racist. 
    14. The Jefferson Party. Http:// This common law page is noteworthy largely for its extensive collection of Montana Freeman material, documenting the often hilarious attempts of the Freemen to defend themselves in their own made-up court system. 
    15. Common Law Treatise. Http:// One of several treatises available on line that try to explain the Gordian Knot doctrines of patriot-style "common law." 
    16. The Lawful Path. Http:// A common law site. Also hawks materials for an Ohio-based common law group. Links to jural societies.
    17. Iahushua. Http:// A peculiar Christian Identity/common law/conspiracy site. 
    18. The Anti-Shyster On-Line. Http:// Not much content in this web site for the prominent common law magazine. 
    19. The Soapbox FIJA Page. Http:// A page supporting the Fully Informed Jury Association, which argues that jurors can disregard laws they don't like. 
    20. The Sovereignty Workshop BBS Home Page. Http:// A common law group that is pretty commercial in terms of hawking goods. 
    21. Behold. Http:// A Christian Identity, common law group based in Oregon. Not updated often. 
    22. American Patriot Network. Http:// A pretty typical common law site. 
    23. Christ County Kingdom of God. Http:// common law/jural society site.
    24. Michigan Jural Society page. Http:// Related to Christ County site above.
    25. RightWay L.A.W. Http:// Website for the very active common law group; sells stuff.
    26. Sovereign's W3 Campaign Page. Http:// Replaces the Sovereign WWW Content Page. Yes, that "x" really belongs there.
    27. Demanding Justice Pro Se. Http:// Citizen's Justice Programs. Learn how to irritate and harass people without having to go through law school first. Website hawking patriot attorney David Grossack's various wares.
    28. Amerika. Http:// A sovereign citizen site focusing on the supposed differences between "state citizens" and "United States citizens." 
    29. The Dixieland Law Journal. Http:// A typical sovereign citizen site. Tries to make the case for non-ratification of the 16th Amendment, non-existent federal jurisdiction, etc.
    30. State Citizens Service Center Research Headquarters. Http:// Largely exists to sell creator's various wares, but there is some other material here as well. 
    31. Supreme Law Firm. Http:// The website for the "Supreme Law Firm," which holds common law seminars and coordinates the "Supreme Law School."  The product of common law advocate Paul Mitchell.
    32. The Underground Legal Interpreter. Http:// A common law site with connections to George Gordon, the old Posse common law advocate. Includes advice to pro se litigants and other common law materials.
    33. Dr. R. J. Tavel's Jury Rights Primer. Http:// Discussion of the rights of a juror to judge the law as well as the evidence; in other words, jury nullification. Ugly site.
    34. Justice Pro Se of Michigan. Http:// Active Michigan group committed to Pro Se/Common Law movement. Radio programs, meetings listed.
    35. Citizen Rule Book/Jury Handbook. Http:// Online version of this highly circulated sovereign/common law publication. Under the guise of reprinting documents like the Constitution, it also urges people to nullify laws they don't like.
    36. Kay County Patriots. Http:// An Oklahoma common law site with considerable Dan Meador material.
    37. West El Paso Information Network. Http:// Even the lithium in the water supply can't stop all craziness. This site features the "Texas Constitutional Convention."
    38. The Fully Informed Grand Jurors Alliance. Http:// A jury nullification group. Leaders include Georgia common law guru Elder Hale and former Militia of Montana member Kamala Webb. 
    39. The Doghouse. Http:// An Indiana-based religious/common-law/tax protest site. 
    40. The Fully Informed Jury Association Home Page. Http:// Or at least one of them, anyway. 
    41. Sovereign Rights Forum. Http:// This common law site is unattractive, but contains a fair amount of material and links.
    42. Weisman Publications. Http:// A place that hawks common law and Christian Identity materials.
    43. Secret to Reclaim Your Power. Http:// Sovereignty issues and a link to "Freedom's Gunmen."
    44. The Center for the Advancement of First Century Christianity. Http:// Despite its name, it is really the website of a common law activist in Ohio.
    45. Free Underground Legal Advisor. Http:// A site for would-be pro ses.
    46. Dan Meador Page.  Http:// A page devoted to the writings of common law activist and tax protester Dan Meador.
    47. The American Voice. Http:// An on-line "newspaper" which seceded from the print newspaper The Americans' Bulletin.
    48. The Brothers for Mercy. Http:// A more or less typical "sovereign citizen" site.  It has a red background so bright it will make your eyes water.
    49. Tampa Freedom Centre. Http:// Home Page for common law activist and white supremacist Charles Eidson. Most of the site is devoted to hawking various wares, including Eidson’s "legal research" and franchising Freedom Centres. Eidson himself, recently sentenced to jail, may perhaps not be the best authority to rely on for "legal research."
    50. Law, Equity and Admiralty. Http:// A crude "common law" page that nevertheless seems to have a considerable amount of material.
    51. PT Resource Center. Http:// A Massachusetts-based site very similar in nature to Robert Happy’s Resource Center (see common law section). Sells fake IDs and similar items. 
    52. Deception Connection. Http:// Long-loading graphics, animated GIFs and a near content-free environment populate this vaguely common law one-man site. 
    53. A Sovereign American. Http:// A thin webpage apparently associated with "The American Sovereign" shortwave show hosted by Brent Johnson, the "patriot for profit" who with Lee Parker runs Freedom Bound International.
    54.  Http:// A common law site with a variety of resources.
    55. Christian Common Law Institute. Http:// A common law site with a variety of documents and resources. Amazingly, it doesn’t seem to be selling something. It is worth looking at.
    56. Sovereign Man. Http:// A fairly standard sovereign citizen site, with more animated GIFs than actual content.
    57. Common Law 1. Http:// A lengthy (13 parts) essay on "common law" themes from the website Detax Canada, similar in nature to the many American tax protest organizations.
    58. Patriot Info. Http:// A relatively small amount of documents, mostly involving common law issues.
    59. Why Zoning Will Not Work. Http:// A hyperlinked common law essay against zoning.
    60. Christian Common Law. Http:// The unofficial website of the "King’s Men of the Christian Jural Society Press," a "Christian Common Law Think Tank." 
    61. Global Freedom. Http:// Yet another "give us your money while we tell you about sovereignty" site.
    62. Illinois Christian Ecclesia. Http:// A home page for what used to be called the Illinois Jural Society. Not too much here.
    63. The Embassy of Heaven Church. Http:// Home page for the strange Embassy of Heaven Church, situated in Oregon. The church hawks bogus license plates and similar items and preaches complete separation from "man’s laws."
    64. The Sovereignty Ring Home Page. Http:// Home page for a currently very small common law webring. However, this link is included on the chance that it might increase in the future.
    65. Know Thy Rights. Http:// A text document providing sovereign citizen solutions to incidents like traffic stops.
    66. America Home of the Free.Http:// A website put together by one Kamron Kirkconnell. Some unoriginal common law theorizing, plus links to articles on other websites. Not very exciting.
    67. American Unlimited.Http:// potpourri of “patriot for profit” schemes, all designed to take your money in a variety of ways, some of them interesting, some of them typical pyramid schemes.Law enforcement should take notice.
    68. Common Law Network.Http:// A plain-looking common law page with a variety of links and resources.It stems from Pennsylvania.
    69. Initiative Magazine.Http:// A common law website with editorials such as “Paper Terrorism:Pro or Con?”
    70. Power Politics.Http:// sovereign citizen website aimed primarily at hawking the wares of a promoter from the Sacramento, California, area.Only a limited amount of material on the site.
    71. Patriot Information.Http:// collection of documents and materials, most of which are related to sovereign citizen concerns.
    72. An 'Enemy of the State' !Http:// common law site with a number of items and documents on it.Includes a lot of useful materials related to the website owner’s own attempts to live as a “sovereign citizen” in California.People attempting to understand the “sovereign” mindset will find much to peruse here.
    73. Liberty Holdings Trust.Http:// “patriot for profit” trust-hawking website that nevertheless has a number of common law documents on it, and so might be useful for understanding the ideology.Read, but don’t buy.
    74. Liberty Tree.Http:// plain website that nevertheless has quite a bit of content on sovereign citizen and “father’s rights” issues.
    75. Common Law and Cases.Http:// A very small website with some common law-related anecdotes.
    76. Anderson's Ark & Associates, Offshore Financial Security. Http:// just a site designed to dupe you into paying them money for bogus trusts, offshore ventures, etc.However, it also contains many typical “patriot for profit” items, as well as a downloadable newspaper, etc.Read, but don’t buy.
    77. Global Prosperity 2001.Http:// “patriot for profit” site, attractively produced. Attempts to suggest links with Muhammed Ali and humanitarian causes—very suspicious.Read, but don’t buy.
    78. Law Notes.Http:// The common law ramblings of William Thornton.A considerable amount of material here.His resume is also interesting to read.
    79. Sovereign Citizen.Http:// and links related to common law issues, along with various editorials by the website’s author.
    80. Washitaw Nation.Http:// Washitaw site but not “the” Washitaw site.Not much info here.
    81. The Service Center.Http:// Sarasota, Florida, based Washitaw Nation site, especially aimed at selling its unique “services.”
    82. Anti-Federalist Society of Chatham County, Georgia.Http:// energetic common law website from Georgia with a variety of materials and links.
    83. Cover-Your-Assets.Com.Http:// a “patriot for profit” website hawking offshore trusts.However, it also has some interesting common law type materials regarding alleged conditions in Kentucky.Read, but don’t buy.
    84. Team Law.Http:// ambitious sovereign citizen website.How ambitious? Well, they are electing their own governors, among other things.Twenty four states have such “governors.”
    85. Home Rule.Http:// wonder what a “common law” government might look like?Activists who want to establish a “Skamania County” in Washington state provide a document.
    86. CLUES.Http:// common law website that is mostly just links to other sites.Not much useful here.
    87. My Declaration of Independence.Http:// personal sovereign citizen Webpage for Coloradoan Steve Gartin.Lots of documents and useful insight here into the “common law” mindset.
    88. Civil Rights Task Force.Http:// for a Washington state group associated with Rightway L.A.W.Older documents may still reside atHttp:// or Http://
    89. Texas Is A Liar.Http:// a website hawking a book about marijuana, right to travel, etc.
    90. Justice Unlimited.Http:// South Dakota-based jury nullification site.
    91. KNZG 1340 AM - Listener's Commentary.Http:// Essays and documents posted by listeners of a right-wing Arkansas radio station.Most of these documents have a distinctly sovereign citizen bent. 

    5. Anti-Extremist and Debunking Pages

    1. The Anti-Defamation League. Http:// One of the most well-known organizations devoted to monitoring hate groups.
    2. The Militia Watchdog Archives. Http:// The oldest on the web devoted to monitoring the militia and sovereign citizen/common law court movements. Also covers, to a lesser extent, the white supremacy, tax protest, and other extreme-right wing movements.
    3. Nizkor. Http:// Primarily concerned with refuting Holocaust revisionism, this extensive site also contains a great deal of information about white supremacists and other extremists. This was the original anti-extremist site on the Web.
    4. Western North Carolina Citizens For An End To Institutional Bigotry (WNCCEIB). Http:// A group which fights racism and extremism in North Carolina.
    5. Anti-Racism Webring. Http:// A webring of international sites ostensibly devoted to fighting right-wing extremism. A mixed bag of sites, some useful, some obviously not.
    6. Anti-Racist Action Network Homepage. Http:// The home page of Anti-Racist Action, a network of a rather belligerent group of anti-racists who seem to dislike the police as much as the Klan or neo-nazis.
    7. The Anti-Klan Home Page. Http:// A small page with a worthy cause. 
    8. HateWatch. Http:// A guide to hate groups on the Internet. 
    9. Temple of Democracy.  Http:// A combative site devoted to opposing neo-Confederates. Maintained by the pseudonymous "Crawfish."
    10. The Real Titles of Nobility Amendment FAQ. Http:// An article by Jol Silversmith explaining the myth of the "missing thirteenth amendment."
    11. Simon Wiesenthal Center Home Page. Http:// A California-based anti-Nazi organization devoted to combating anti-Semitism and hate groups. 
    12. Debunking the Story of the Buck Act. Http:// A page devoted to shedding light on the Buck Act, an old law which is the source of considerable tax protester and sovereign citizen rhetoric. What makes it more interesting is that it was created by a person ready to declare himself a "sovereign citizen," but who actually took the time to do a little research and discovered that their arguments were chock full of holes.
    13. Political Research Associates. Http:// Home page of Political Research Associates, where anti-militia activist Chip Berlet is located. 
    14. Institute for Global Communications. Http:// A progressive organization which puts up on the Web considerable amounts of good material on the militia movement, including a good article by Chip Berlet and Matthew N. Lyons and a book, as well as other stuff. Surf around. 
    15. Tax Protester Hall of Fame. Http:// A collection of cases which refute all the various claims of the "sovereign citizens" and other tax protesters. 
    16. Public Good. Http:// The home page for Public Good, an organization involved with a number of causes where individual interests harm the public good. Contains much useful information and several reports on the dangers of the neo-militia movement. Definitely worth checking out. 
    17. ATS-L Archives: Northwest Beacon: Militia Activity In The Northwest. Http:// A publication on the militia by a human rights group.
    18. Terrorism Research Center. Http:// The Counter-Terrorism Page. A page of links to various terrorism related sites. Includes a few militia links. 
    19. Edward Flaherty's Home Page. Http:// A website debunking many Federal Reserve myths.
    20. Stop-the-Hate. Http:// Links to various groups, and suggestions for individual and collective efforts in stopping hate.
    21. Education & Vigilance Network. Http:// Former Aryan Nations member Floyd Chochrane's anti-racism site.
    22. Southern Poverty Law Center. Http:// Website for well-known anti-hate legal taskforce headed by Morris Dees.
    23. Floodlight. Http:// A website created by a Christian fundamentalist and devoted to fighting hate and debunking New World Order and Federal Reserve type conspiracies. Includes essays and links.
    24. Bonner County Human Rights Task Force Page. Http:// From Sandpoint, Idaho, an educational organization concerned about racism, discrimination and growing anti-government movement.
    25. The Institute for First Amendment Studies. Http:// A research organization that focuses on the Religious Right. Extremely anti-fundamentalist.
    26. Texas Freedom Network. Http:// A grass-roots Texas organization which opposes religious extremism.
    27. The Hate Directory. Http:// A good, comprehensive listing of hate groups on the Internet. It concentrates on some of the areas neglected by the Militia Watchdog, so that link page and this complement each other very well.
    28. Capt. Mikey's Anti-Hate Group Homepage. Http:// The web page of Oklahoma police captain Mike Risenhoover, devoted to combating extremist groups. Mixes good information with a dash of humor.
    29. Damien Falgoust's Debunking Conspiracy Myths Page. Http:// A law student's page devoted to debunking federal reserve, tax protest and other right-wing conspiracy myths.
    30. The Center for New Community. Http:// A religious organization with a strong anti-hate component. Includes "Midwest Action Reports" which are briefings on extremist activity in the (big surprise) Midwest.
    31. The Southern Catalyst Network. Http:// Part of the Southern Institute for Education and Research in New Orleans, Http:// , it is an anti-prejudice organization devoted to combating bigotry in the Deep South. Internet Explorer users may have a problem loading this site; it is better to use Netscape.
    32.  White Man’s Ghost Dance. Http:// An article by Bob Black from Liberty Magazine (a libertarian publication) which effectively debunks a lot of sovereign citizen notions about the "common law."
    33. Western States Center . Http:// An Oregon-based organization designed to support progressive leadership and community activity in the American West. Active in opposing Wise Use machinations.
    34. Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment. Http:// A good anti-extremist group.
    35. The Tax Protester FAQ. Http:// An attempt to provide "concise, authoritative rebuttals to the nonsense…frequently posted…by a variety of fanatics, idiots, and dupes." In other words, an attempt to debunk many tax protest arguments.
    36. Recovering Racists Network. Http:// An anti-racist network based in California and headed by John McKenzie. A 501(c)3 organization. The site contains a huge if ill-organized list of anti-racist websites (probably the largest on the web).
    37. Hopeful Sojourner. Http:// Website for the ex-extremist Kerry Noble, who now works to fight against hate and intolerance. There is some self-promotion here, but also a lot of interesting information. In addition, one can order his valuable but sometimes hard-to-find book from this site, Tabernacle of Hate.
    38. Hate Crimes Research Network.Http:// An organization based at Portland State University in Oregon designed to help academic study of hate crimes by scholars in various disciplines.
    39. The Searchlight. The website for the UK-based anti-racist magazine.Not much on the site, but the magazine is useful for anybody study Neo-Nazis, skinheads and fascists.
    40. Steven R. King homepage.Http:// webpage of a law enforcement officer in Indiana who spends a lot of time tracking extremists in that state.Most of the site is devoted to criminal justice issues, but there is extremist-related material.
    41. Why You Shouldn’t “Trust” National Trust Services.Http:// A page devoted to debunking purveyors of pure trusts, using one as an example.
    42. How the Patriot Boys Are Wrong.Http:// relatively small website with debunking materials, generally on tax and sovereign citizen issues.
    43. Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.Http:// of the major gay/lesbian organizations working for equal rights.
    44. Light on Liberty.Http:// A site providing information about the darker aspects of the Libertarian Party.
    45. HATE watch.Http:// A website dedicated to stopping violence and hate against gays and lesbians.
    46. Oregon Spotlight Homepage.Http:// page designed to “reduce hate and to honor diversity in the state of Oregon and nationwide.”
    47. Stephen Poole's New And Improved Y2K Page.Http:// outdated by events, this debunking site on Y2K conspiracy theories is still interesting.
    48. One Man's Mind.Http:// website about hate groups and their various arguments, started by a person disturbed by them who wanted to take the time and effort to debunk many of the statements made by hate groups.
    49. Conspiracy Theorists Militias-Patriots.Http:// A Masonic site that debunks some of the bizarre anti-Masonic conspiracy theories.

    6. Articles or Collections of Articles about the Neo-Militia Movement

    1. Religious in Politics.  Http:// A collection of articles on the religious right, including militia and patriot-related articles.  Part of a website which seems to be by very conservative people who are alarmed at very, very conservative people. 
    2. 'Bo' Gritz and the Racist Populist Party. Gopher:// A 1994 "expose" of Bo Gritz by Michael Novick. 
    3. Militia Fever. Http:// An article by Janet Biehl on the ideology of the militia movement. 
    4. "Affirmative Reactionaries.". Http:// Article by Tony Ortega on minority members of militia groups. 
    5. "The Militia-Military Connection." Http:// This is an article, "The Militia-Military Connection," by Todd Ensign, that details some of the links between the militia movement and the U.S. Army and National Guard.  
    6. Far-Right Militias and Anti-Abortion Violence: When Will Media See the Connection?. Http:// An article by Laura Flanders chronicling the links between paramilitary groups and anti-abortion activists. 
    7. "Militia extremists defend their views." Http:// An April 1995 article from the San Francisco Examiner in which various militia leaders defend themselves rhetorically in the immediate aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing. 
    8. "The Militia Movement: Enemy or Pawn of the State?" Http:// An article by Manny Goldstein written not long after militias exploded into public consciousness, from a left-wing perspective. Contains useful information on ties between militia members and white supremacists, as well as on other subjects. 
    9. The Rise of the Militias. Http:// This page contains an article, "The Rise of the Militias," by Daniel Junas, from the Covert Action Quarterly. This early article focuses on the Trochmanns and Montana, with a brief overview of the movement as a whole. Much of it is by this time well-known. The article is footnoted. Junas is associated with the ACLU. 
    10. Econet Western Lands Gopher. Gopher:// A very good collection of articles and materials related to the neo-militia movement. Although the quality of the resources varies by article, there are some very good things in here, including material on Helen Chenoweth, the Congressional hearings, Samuel Sherwood, and other subjects. 
    11. "Cracked Code." Http:// Klamath Falls Herald and News article about Ken Medenbach, a Constitution Ranger living in Lapine, Oregon.
    12. Exposing the Greening of Hate. Http:// An interesting article on inroads made on environmental groups by racist and anti-immigration groups.
    13. The Unorganized Militia Network.  Http:// 1996 article by Matthew Zook on the militia movement and how its members use the Internet.

    7. Source Material from the Patriot Movement Itself

    1. Zeugma's Political Research Center.  Http:// A collection of articles by various right-wing authors and other source material. 
    2. The Nor Cal Eagle. Http:// The website for a Northern California newsletter devoted to patriot, rkba, libertarian and other issues. Back issues are downloadable in zip format.
    3. Media Bypass Magazine. Http:// One of the most prominent magazines devoted to the "patriot" audience. Articles range from "exposes" of the Bureau of Land Management to whitewashes of Christian Identity to claims that the moon landings were a hoax.
    4. Freedom Coalition Catalog. Http:// Apparently an e-mail catalog for the American Opinion Bookstore, which is part of the John Birch Society. A wide variety of conspiracy related books. 
    5. Frugal Squirrel's Militia Information Page. Http:// Collection of various militia related resources, but the links no longer work. 
    6. >The Rise of Citizen Militias - The New American (02-06-95). Http:// The rise of the neo-militia movement, as chronicled by one sympathetic to it. 
    7. MALICIOUS MILITIA REPORTING - The New American (05-01-95).  Http:// The John Birch perspective on the militia movement and media coverage of it.
    8. Twenty-Nine Palms Survey: What Really Motivated Its Author? - The New American (10-02-95).  Http:// An article from a "patriot" on the Twenty-Nine Palms Survey, a graduate thesis survey that spawned a riot in the patriot movement. 
    9. Christian Reconstructionism and the Far Right. Http:// Basically a reprint, with slight analysis, of an article called "Creed of Christian Reconstructionism," by Rev. Andrew Sandlin. Contains information about the links between the militia and anti-abortion activists. 
    10. The Militia: Is It Time to Fight? Http:// An article by Franklin Sanders from Contra Mundum. Sanders is basically sympathetic to the aims of the militia movement, but not their tactics. 
    11. New American Magazine. Http:// This is an index to articles (along with the articles themselves) from the New American Magazine, the organ of the John Birch Society. Many of the articles in this place will be of interest; I found one of them to be of particular interest. See also
    12. The Idaho Observer. Http:// An online patriot newspaper.
    13. The Pennsylvania Crier/New World Order Page. Http:// Offers newsletter subscription and some essays.
    14. The Big Sky Patriot. Http:// A Montana-based patriot website with a variety of patriot-related stories.
    15. Watch Unto Prayer. Http:// An anti-New World Order church. Essays on New World Order but beware long download times.
    16. Eric's Patriot Page. Http:// Contains an eclectic variety of 'patriot' related files as well as a few extraneous ones (such as 'X-Files' materials). The truth is out there, Eric.
    17. Lessons of the Past. Http:// An amusing 'patriot' explanation of our Constitutional history.
    18. Resource Notes for Students & Writers of Term Papers, and/or Theses, on Banking & Money Topics. Http:// 
    19. Commercial Liens: A Most Potent Weapon. Http:// A long guide that actually tells people how to file the bogus liens that have plagued people across this country.
    20. Power of Prophecy.  Http:// Texe Marrs' conspiracy newsletter. Everything you ever wanted to know about Satanism in the Vatican--and more.
    21. Constitutional Guardians of America. Http:// Ostensibly the website for a group which wants to remove lawyers from elective office, but basically it is the personal site of Ronald Bibace, who has taken upon himself to issue a new series of "Federalist Papers" under the pseudonym of Publius II. 
    22. Money, the Root of All Evil. Http:// An on-line work allegedly written by the late Barney McCoy that is yet another disquisition on the "money issue." Part of a larger "monetary realist" (i.e. gold and silver is the only lawful money) page at Http://
    23. The Armen Condo Letter. Http:// A tax protest documented related to Armen Condo, the founder of the Your Heritage Protection Association (Agency), a large tax protest group busted in the 1980s.
    24. The Montgomery Observer. Http:// On-line version of a "patriot"-oriented newspaper for Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. 
    25. Federal Reserve System. Http:// A bare-bones anti-Federal Reserve page.
    26. Money + Fiat Page. Http:// A bland "monetary realist" page. 
    27. COMMON LAW PROCEDURE ON ABATEMENT.Http:// lengthy common law document explaining certain tactics.
    28. Affidavit of Truth. Http:// document showing how to declare yourself a “sovereign citizen.”
    29. Alamance Independent. Http:// A North Carolina “alternative” newspaper, heavily influenced by extremist and conspiracy themes. Includes a link to the racist “Council of Conservative Citizens.”


    8. White Supremacy and Hate Sites (not comprehensive)

    1. Voice of Citizens Together/American Patrol. Http:// A virulently anti-Hispanic website, especially against Mexican-Americans.
    2. Kingdom Identity Ministries. Http:// An Arkansas-based Christian Identity group.
    3. The Jubilee Newspaper.   Http://  One of the most prominent Christian Identity periodicals.
    4. Liberty or Death. Http:// Home to the white supremacist Second American Revolutionary Army paramilitary group. Site doesn't include much and text may be difficult for some to read.
    5. GOAL Reference Library. Http:// The God's Order Affirmed in Love reference library. 
    6. Scriptures for America Worldwide. Http:// Website for Christian Identity leader Pete Peters.
    7. Fourteen Words Press. Http:// Website of the white supremacist "Fourteen Words" press. Focus on the Silent Brotherhood.
    8. Posse Comitatus. Http:// New website for former Posse Comitatus and Christian Identity James Wickstrom. Prison did not dull the sharp edge of his hate.
    9. The Spotlight. Http:// The website for this anti-semitic weekly newspaper, widely read by members of the patriot movement. 
    10. Crosstar, The Nationalist Movement Home Page. Http:// Home page to a peculiar white supremacist organization; contains some references to paramilitary activity. 
    11. Northwest Kinsmen. Http:// Northwest Patriot Gathering Place. A Christian Identity site with links to the Northwest KKK and the Washington State Populist Party.
    12. Stormfront. Http:// A white supremacist page. Actually, the first white supremacist web page, created in March 1995. It still possesses one of the most extensive collections of hate material.
    13. The Nationalist Observer Webpage. Http:// Kicked off of AOL for its white supremacist stance, the website for the nazi-leaning newsletter has bounced around. This new site is apparently under construction.
    14. Christian Separatist Church Society. Http:// Web page of a Tennessee racist group that believes, among other things, Hitler was a good Christian.
    15. The Christian Defense League. Http:// An Identity site which contains considerable Wesley Swift material (but only for sale--no freebies on this site). A pretty crude and uninteresting site.
    16. The Westboro Baptist Church Page. Http:// A site dripping with hate, bile and venom. Its emphasis is homophobia.
    17. Proclaim Liberty Ministries. Http:// A minor Christian Identity site. Plays banjo music.
    18.  Wake Up Or Die. Http:// Purporting to be "an electronic magazine for white Americans," this racist page is mostly about the alleged "genocide" of white Americans. Most people may prefer bypassing the opening pages and going directly to Http:// The site seems to be the product of one woman, Elena Haskins, in California.
    19. Knights of Freedom, Utah State. Http:// A home page for Utah Nazis. 
    20. Mission to Israel. Http:// Ted Weiland’s Christian Identity site. Mostly it just hawks materials.
    21. Aryan Nations .  Http:// Website for the nation’s most notorious racist group. Content level not very high.
    22. American Renaissance. Http:// Home page for the Virginia-based racist publication edited by Jared Taylor. 
    23. New Order Knights of the KKK. Http:// A Missouri-based Klan group with chapters in several other states. This site has annoying music and large print, but relatively little content. However, it does have a number of links to other sites.
    24. American Front. Http:// Website for a bizarre extremist group, mostly skinhead or ex-skinhead in composition, which mixes unabashed racism with "social justice." 
    25. Yoderanium.Http:// organization that provides webpage hosting for white supremacist groups and individuals.
    26. The Library.Http:// pro-Nazi, anti-Semitic page purporting to be a center where all non-Jews can unite against the Jews.
    27. Jerry’s Aryan Battle Page.Http:// An eclectic selection of items and links from various white supremacist doctrines.
    28. KKK.COM Homepage.Http:// sympathetic “virtual museum” of klan-related stuff.Includes a contact list of Klan groups.
    29. American Coalition of Third Positionists.Http:// white supremacist website out of Rockville, Maryland.Extensive collection of documents, though some are not easy to find on the website.
    30. Heritage Lost Ministries.Http:// white supremacist site from Hilliard, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus.A group that wants to separate the races, end abortion, end the use of fossil fuels, and promote motherhood, among other goals.
    31. Christian Bible Study Home Page.Http:// Florida-based Christian Identity site hosted by the Neo-Nazi Stormfront.Links to various Identity resources.
    32. White Aryan Resistance.Http:// “hate page” for White Aryan Resistance, the California-based white supremacist organization headed by Tom Metzger.Metzger was at one time one of the leading figures in the movement.His webpage is full of the worst sort of racist cartoons and diatribes.
    33. I Love White Folks.Http:// other things, home of the “rights for whites” webring.
    34. The White Power/National Socialism Ring.Http://;index.A webring for white supremacists.Only a handful of sites at present on the ring.
    35. White Pride Network.Http:// a skinhead site, it has information about skin music, racist jokes, and similarly crude content.
    36. Christian Research.Http:// Arkansas-based Christian Identity website.Not really too much material here.
    37. ANGRY WHITE MEN UNITED AGAINST POLICE ABUSE.Http:// virtually content-free website that urges people to assassinate police officers and commit terrorist acts.
    38. Christian Bible Study Home Page.Http:// Christian Identity website based in Melbourne, Florida.Openly anti-Semitic.
    39. Cry Aloud Cybermagazine.Http:// Canadian Christian Identity site, but also interested in the U.S.
    40. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Willis A. Carto. Http:// website offering information about Willis Carto, one of the leading racists in the U.S. for decades.This site appears to be put together by some of Carto’s factional opponents.
    41. MOTM.Http:// for “Mothers of the Movement,” a women’s white supremacist group.Focuses on parenting because it wants lots of white, Aryan kids.
    42. National Socialist Christianity.Http:// the “Judeo” out of “Judeo-Christianity.”
    43. Western Imperative Network.Http:// white supremacist website designed to promote white supremacy on the Internet.Pretty blatant in its racism.
    44. Freedom-Site Homepage.Http:// large Canadian white supremacist site, associated with a BBS and a radio program.
    45. White Camelia Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.Http:// Christian Identity Klan group based in Cleveland, Texas.Contains a message board but not much content.
    46. Racial Loyalty.Http:// skinhead page for the World Church of the Creator (“rahowa” stands for “racial holy war”). The WCOTC, like many other white supremacist groups, depends upon appealing to the skinhead subculture for followers and recruits.
    47. World Church of the Creator.Http:// of the main websites for this violent, racist group.
    48. Resistance Records.Http:// main white power record label.An instrumental tool in recruiting teens into the white supremacy movement.Now owned by William Pierce and the National Alliance.
    49. Aryan Video Page.Http:// site dedicated to providing racist video clips.
    50. New Nation News.Http:// racist site devoted mostly to denigrating articles about blacks, Hispanics and other minorities.Ostensibly “focusing on immigration, crime, corruption and National Integrity.”
    51. The Anti-Demonization League.Http:// website mostly protesting Project Megiddo, an FBI analytical report on potential dangers by extremists on Y2K.Apparently created by or linked to Christian Identity leader Pete Peters.

    9. Tax Protesters

    1. "Tax Truth 4 U." Http:// A wordy tax protest site by a member of the Save-a-Patriot Fellowship. Maintained by Jim Deal, who is "exam certified."
    2. Perfect Tax Avoidance for Citizens. Http:// An ASCII version of a tax protest book by Thomas Scambos, Jr. 
    3. Curtis & Curtis. Http:// A lawyer who will sell you "professional" letters to use with the IRS, including his opinion that the Sixteenth Amendment was never ratified. 
    4. Karl's Battle with the IRS. Http:// 
    5. Why No One is Required to File Tax Returns. Http:// A "free book" by Bill Conklin, a "a paralegal and tax consultant who has 6 published wins against the IRS in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals." Also includes the Anti-IRS news.
    6. Save-a-Patriot Fellowship. Http:// In its own words, a "first amendment association out of Maryland, dedicated to creating legal actions to force the government to obey the law." In actuality, a long-time tax protest organization. 
    7. IRS Defense. Http:// A typical tax protest site focusing on the dubious "fifth amendment" defense.
    8. Irwin Schiff Web Site. Http:// Home page for the notorious tax protester
    9. Perfect Tax Knowledge. Http:// A large tax protest site with a great deal of information for gullible would-be detaxers.
    10. Tax Freedom Network. Http:// Henry Newman's tax protest site--a typical collection of tax protest material.
    11. The Eleventh Hour. Http:// A conspiracy and tax protest page.
    12. Tax Revolution Website. Http:// Tax protesting page with info on personal sovereignty.
    13. Investigating Curious Evidence. Http:// A tax protester site, possibly linked to the Save-a-Patriot Fellowship.
    14. The IRS Fraud Exposed. Http:// A lengthy discourse on why US citizens do not have to pay US income taxes. It contains many typical tax protest arguments and at the bottom, a offer to sell you an "Employer Notification Package." Marginally useful for understanding the way tax protest arguments tend to work.
    15. We the People. Http:// The "official" website for the group headed by noted California tax protester Lynne Meredith. Meredith spends much of her time huckstering abusive trust packages to unsuspecting "patriots."
    16. Tax Freedom – A Personal Odyssey. Http:// A tax protest website chronicling one deluded individual’s personal descent into tax protesting (using the sovereign citizen route). It is amazing to see how much time and energy (and money) this person has spent in self-destructive activities.
    17. Taxgate. Http:// A pretty extensive tax protest site, whose main thrust seems to be avoiding withholding through various mechanisms.
    18. Bill Conklin’s Anti-IRS page.Http:// hawking the wares of “tax consultant” Bill Conklin, who has “six published wins” against the IRS, though interestingly none of the cases he cites seem to deal with his tax theories as opposed to various legal technicalities.One more way for a tax protester to lose money.
    19. Cry Liberty.Http:// North-Carolina-based tax protest site, designed primarily to hawk the wares of one Robert Timothy Hanley.Hanley’s description of his varied tax protest tactics and arguments serve as an introduction to someone interested in the mindset of a tax protester.
    20. Devvy Kidd.Http:// website designed to hawk the wares of tax protester Devvy Kidd, a California-based extremist. The site does contain a fair amount of reading material, mostly pseudolegal and/or conspiratorial.
    21. Due Process.Http:// “private network of investigators and paralegals” who promise they will help you with your tax problems.Their newsletter reveals a mix of tax protest beliefs (wages are not taxable except for those earned in American Samoa, etc.) as well as a few rejections (they apparently do not buy into the “pure trust” scheme).In general, it seems to subscribe to “sovereign citizen”-like beliefs.
    22. Freedom Above Fortune.Http:// website for former-IRS-agent-turned-tax-protester Joe Bannister.Bannister is the current darling of the tax protest movement.
    23. Inform America.Http:// tax protest site.Something on the site seems to make Internet Explorer crash, so this entry is incomplete.
    24. The Land of Liberty.Http:// individual tax protester documenting his struggles with the government.Particularly amusing are his “terms for reunification” at Http://
    25. The Untaxers.Http:// Ohio-based tax protest group who will gladly (for two hundred bucks) send you a kit on how to “untax” yourself.
    26. Fitzgerald’s revelations of why he is right and all the other tax protesters are wrong.
    27. A “patriot for profit” website that appears to be a tax protest site along the lines of Bill Benson’s “The Law That Never Was,” but actually hawks offshore seminars and similar very expensive items.Read, but don’t buy.

    10. Collections of Links

    1. Do You Want to Be Free? Http:// A collection of tax protest links.
    2. 100+ Sites with Patriotic Information. Http:// Pretty good collection of links to "patriot" sites. 
    3. Roy Brubaker's Links Page. Http:// An impressive collection of links relating to all aspects of right-wing extremism.
    4. Brad's Links Page. Http:// A good collection of links to various patriot sites, many of them focusing on tax protest and sovereign citizen themes.
    5. Information on Militias. Http:// A list of various militia-related links and resources. 
    6. Sovereign's WWW Page. Http:// A big conspiracy page with a number of links. 
    7. Extremism Links. Http:// Extensive list of extremist and anti-extremist links compiled by Dr. Michael McFarland of Stetson University.
    8. "Militias Behavior" (sic). Http:// Collection of "rated" links to various militia-related sites. 
    9. Captain Nemo Presents Patriotic Sites. Http:// A lengthy list of sites, alphabetized with even a small amount of annotation. Good browsing.
    10. Freedom from Illusion.Http:// of links, mostly to conspiracy-oriented material.The website promises at least 20 new links each week. Lots of browsing material here, definitely.


    11. Miscellaneous

    1. National Organization for Non-Enumeration. Http:// A website devoted to opposing Social Security numbers.
    2. Patriots Undersiege. Http:// A site similar to "Caged Patriots" (see below) in that it focuses on members of the "patriot" movement in trouble with the law. 
    3. Shortwave Militia Programs. Http:// A listing of "patriot" shortwave radio programs, more or less. No schedules, but names, addresses and, where applicable, web links.
    4. The Survival Ring Homepage. Http:// A webring for survivalist web pages. Annoying accompanying music.
    5. Truth Radio. Http:// Homepage for Truth Radio, which broadcasts satellite radio programs and has a RealAudio stream. On-line bookstore also available.
    6. Real American Patriot/Militia Web-ring Home Page.  Http:// Home site for a webring of extremist pages. Relatively few sites are currently on the webring, but it is growing.
    7. Patriot-Net Information Page. Http:// For those people who still use computer bulletin boards, here is one with "patriot" themes.
    8. A Virtual Guided Tour to Far-Right Ideology. Http:// A hyperlinked beginner's guide to the thought processes of the far right developed by Mark Rupert, a professor at Syracuse University. 
    9. John Doe Times Index Page. Http:// Newsletter featuring conspiracy articles regarding OKC bombing.
    10. A Patriot's WWW Research Base. Http:// A variety of "patriot" themes congregate here.
    11. Gen. J. C. Christian's Militia Pages. Http:// A page satirizing the militia. 
    12. Electronic Frontier Foundation. Http:// This is the section of the Electronic Frontier Foundation on "Censorship--Terrorism Hysteria and Media Fingerpointing." The focus here is on attempts to censor the Internet because of the presence of extremists on it. There are a number of documents related to the neo-militia movement here, of mild interest. 
    13. Caged Patriots. Http:// Become a pen-pal for a jailed extremist. Send him cookies.
    14. Prevailing Winds Research. Http:// By now most people are familiar with black helicopters and right-wing conspiracy theories. Just for kicks, here's a site with a catalog of left-wing conspiracy material. It's interesting to see where the two areas join each other.
    15. Artisan Publishing/Hoffman Printing. Http:// A small site devoted largely to hawking the wares of Identity writer E. Raymond Capt. He's the guy who's into "pyramidology." 
    16. Cutting Edge Ministries Bookstore. Http:// An "bookstore" which collects a lot of New World Order conspiracy titles. The New World Order is the main thing Cutting Edge Ministries itself seems concerned about.
    17. Cyberspace Free Cosmos. Http:// An eclectic collection of various extremist and other websites.
    18. Ending Corporate Governance. Http:// A peculiar anti-corporation site, not easily classifiable. However, a number of "sovereign citizens" hang out in the discussion boards and one can find their arguments there.
    19. The Yankee Dog Company. Http:// Hawks patriot products and the like.
    20. Kurt Saxon Survivalist Web Pages. Http:// A longtime survivalist's website.
    21. Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum. Http:// Contains information about the standoff at Waco, patriot links, and related pieces.
    22. Conspiracy Theory Literature FAQ. Http:// A peculiar little compilation of material about conspiracies and the traits that drive people toward believing in them.
    23. Take Back Arkansas. Http:// An extreme property rights group. Seems more mainstream than its cousins in Tennessee and Kentucky, but still worries about the United Nations, etc.
    24. American Coalition of Unregistered Churches. Http:// The organization headed by tax protester Greg Dixon, well-connected in extremist circles. 
    25. Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise. Http:// A prominent "Wise Use" site with links to many other such sites. The "Wise Use" movement is the property rights/anti-environment movement that has extensive links to the "patriot" movement.
    26. United Nations Invasion Tracking. Http:// A satirical site making fun of New World Order conspiracy fanatics. The quality of the humor varies considerably.
    27. Intentional Communities for Survival. Http:// A state by state listing of survivalist groups, communities, and assorted related types. A real mix of items here, from Native Americans to white supremacists to a whole hoard of Y2Kaphobes.
    28. OKBIC. Http:// Website for the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee, a group convinced that a large OKC bomb conspiracy exists.
    29. Suppressed Books.Http:// Arizona-based bookstore designed for right-wing extremists.Subjects include Holocaust denial, Hitler, Zionism, and many other fun topics.
    30. Freedom Site.Http:// Canadian right-wing extremist site, which even advertises white supremacist jewelry.
    31. Judges Human Rights Crime Information Center.Http:// “anti-judge” page.For $25, they’ll post your complaints about a judge.
    32. The Underground News.Http:// attractive website featuring wild conspiracy notions, both mainstream and “patriot.”Skeptics will find entertaining browsing, true believers will be taken in again and again.
    33. Quatloos.Http:// site devoted to exposing scams and frauds, a number of which are “patriot” related.
    34. the webpage of the Utopian Anarchist Party.Essentially a pure anti-government site run by a guy in Maryland.
    35. The Reformer.Http:// strange and difficult to comprehend Webpage, it appears to be radical Christian Reconstructionists.
    36. A Reader's Guide to the Underground Press.Http:// variety of resources about “underground” publications.These deal with a variety of ideologies and subcultures, not just (or even substantially) the extreme right.
    37. unusual site, essentially an isolationist right-wing/libertarian site consciously designed to appeal to anti-war activists from the left as well.Particularly against any foreign involvement in Kosovo.
    38. Journal of the Moorish Paradigm.Http:// collection of resources for the “Moorish” movement, an African-American movement with many connections to sovereign citizen and other “patriot” groups, as well as conspiracy theories.
    39. United Mawshak Nation of Muurs.Http:// Another “Moorish” page, with lots of “common law” information adopted to an African-American perspective.
    40. The A. M. U. N. Page.Http:// page for “All Moors United Now.”A Moorish page with a message board, chat room, and more.
    41. Avenger of Blood.Http:// An anti-abortion website that is in favor of violent actions against abortion clinics and abortion doctors.
    42. Army of God.Http:// website calling for the execution of abortion doctors.Based in Virginia and led by Donald Spitz.
    43. Eternal Grace Baptist Church Home Page.Http:// An Indiana church part of the “unregistered” church movement associated with the Indianapolis Baptist Temple. Such groups refuse to use zip codes, etc.
    44. Seven Seals.Http:// Branch Davidian website possibly of interest.See also Http:// and Http://
    45. The Renegades. Http:// for survivalist radio host Michael Bunker.Includes information on various conspiracies from National ID cards to executive orders. 

    12. Neo-Secessionist

    1. Republic of Texas Defense Force. Http:// Support site for Republic of Texas "Texas Guardians," Defense Force Personnel. Light on content.
    2. The Confederate Society of America. Http:// A neo-Confederate site with racist leanings.
    3. Council of Conservative Citizens. Http:// One of the more important neo-Confederate organizations, reported to have ties to the Klan and other racist groups. A look at the articles available at this site, many of which are racist, and the links from this site, which include a number of racist websites, will do nothing to cast doubt on such reports. This site shows an ugly side that most white Southerners, thank goodness, seem to have left behind.
    4. Dixie Net. Http:// The home page of the League of the South, formerly the Southern League, until a dispute with a minor sports league ensued. 
    5. New England Confederation, Rhode Island Chapter. Http:// Secessionist site run by Paul Eno of Rhode Island. (perhaps Teddy Kennedy could be its first king)
    6. Dixie Rising. Http:// Another neo-Confederate page. 
    7. Republic of Texas. Http:// One of a number of "Republic of Texas" websites.
    8. Kingdom of Hawai'i. Http:// A page for Hawaiian secessionists. Like the Republic of Texas only with grass skirts.
    9. The Maine Republican Army Home Page. Http:// A page for people who want to secede from Southern Maine, apparently. 
    10. The New England Confederation. Http:// Some peculiar Yankee secessionists.
    11. Republic of Texas District Two Information Page. Http:// Part of Archie Lowe's "Republic of Texas." District Two is apparently around Abilene. A pretty bland site.
    12. Republic of Texas District Four site. Http:// Equally content-free.
    13. The Gregg County, Republic of Texas site. Http:// Not much of interest in this unattractive site.
    14. Southern Independence. Http:// A site for people who want to "take our country back from the Abolitionists, Bolsheviks and One-World elites who hold our heritage hostage." An uncompromisingly white supremacist Neo-Confederate site.
    15.  South East Texas Defense Force. Http:// Website for a secessionist militia group. Relatively little content.
    16. South Carolina League of the South. Http:// Website for a state chapter of the rather distasteful League of the South, a neo-Confederate group much of whose rhetoric seems like a thin disguise for a "white South." 
    17. Dixie Perspective.Http:// message board associated with the League of the South.
    18. The Republic of Texas. Http:// Website for the Archie Lowe faction of the Republic of Texas. Includes a message board.
    19. Delta Rebel’s Reb Page.Http:// white supremacist “pro-Southern” page.Most real Southerners would be disgusted at seeing appreciative links to Neo-Nazi sites such as ALPHA and Stormfront.
    20. The Republic of Cascadia.Http:// who want to make a nation out of Washington, Oregon and British Columbia.But watch out, they also want to annex Northern California.
    21. The Southern Party. Http:// A neo-Confederate site started by former League of the South webmaster George Kalas of Texas.


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