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Court -- the substantive definition.
Court of Record -- 4 1/2 substantive requirements to qualify.
      Also, see Nisi Prius Court -- a court of no record, by prior agreement.
      Superior Court vs Inferior Court and Tax Court.

Common Law -- the concept.
Magna Carta -- Foundation of liberty.
Confirmatio Cartarum, Requires officials to accept Magna Carta as common law.
Interpretation of Magna Carta and Confirmatio Cartarum.
Court etiquette -- some unwritten rules.
Habeas Corpus -- What it really is.


A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions.
The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.
Proverbs 22:3, NLT
              COURT. a stage upon which the sovereign conducts his show so as to satisfy the rest of the world that his decision is a good one. That's the practical definition. The legal definition is: The person and suit of the sovereign.

   COURT OF RECORD. A court of record must conform to the first four (4) requirements:

      1. power to fine or imprison for contempt
      2. keeps a record of the proceedings
      3. proceeding according to the common law (not statutes or codes)
      4. the tribunal is independent of the magistrate (judge)
      5. generally has a seal (optional) (example)

   You will only find all the above Items in Black's Law Dictionary, First, Second, Third, and Fourth Editions. The Fifth and later editions only show items 1 & 2. The powers-that-be could not eliminate items 3 & 4 from the law, so they eliminated them from the reference books.
As a general rule-of-thumb, older dictionaries are law oriented; modern ones are more policy oriented.

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