About the Myth Builder…

On Mar 26, 2015, at 11:46 PM, Anna von Reitz < wrote:

If Larry Becraft tears up his Bar Card and drops the title of “Esquire” and stops trying to confuse and obfuscate everything he touches, if he quits brow-beating people and working for the Federal United States while ostensibly acting as a “patriot” in behalf of the Continental United States, if he EVER uses his admittedly brilliant legal mind in behalf of the people instead of the rats—well, then, we will all heave a sigh of relief and a hearty “God bless you!”

Until that time, we must realize that Larry has misled more than a generation of American Patriots, has purposefully misrepresented crucial facts of history and law, and has been instrumental in seeing a great many innocent people go to jail for offenses that they not only did not commit, but literally could not commit.

My problem with Larry is that he is too smart not to know better than half the crap he preaches.  He knows, but he is deliberately avoiding the truth, and acting as a source of disinformation.  He continues to work for the Other Side.  He continues to weasel and misinterpret and play picky lawyer tricks instead of being honest about the nature of his trade and the status of his citizenship, the Law, the law, the facts, or much of anything else.

He betrayed Bill Benson, one of the most honest, most dedicated, most honorable men I have ever known, the author of “The Law That Never Was” and helped make sure that this saintly man spent his last days in a federal prison deprived of the medical care and comfort he needed and deserved.  His “crime”?  Bill thoroughly documented the FACT that the so-called “Sixteenth Amendment” —- the income tax amendment— was never ratified by the states.  Ever.  Still isn’t.  It’s bogus.  It’s bull crap.  All of it.

Now, here is how simple this really is and the reason why Larry Becraft can NEVER be trusted or relied upon or credited and taken seriously despite all his mental agility and acumen.  The legal definition of “income”  confirmed and provided by the U.S. Supreme Court is corporate profit accrual separated from capital.  When corporations garner profit, it’s income.  When living people garner profit, it’s property.  Period.  End of story.

Isn’t that simple?  If you are not a corporation and not choosing to operate as a corporation, you can’t possibly accrue income and you can’t possibly owe an income tax.  Larry knows that, because Larry long, long, long ago learned the legal meaning of “income”.   But does he expose that truth?  Oh, no.  Does he teach anyone how to rebut the presumption that they are “citizens” belonging to (as in property of) the Federal United States?   No, never.  Does he divulge how to rebut the presumption of federal employment?  Or the presumption of being an “Enemy Combatant”?   Or any of the other self-interested DRIVEL that he and his kind employ in their efforts to fleece the sheep? He sits there like a Big, Fat, Roach and says and does nothing effective or truthful.  He let’s friend and foe alike suffer and be destroyed for lack of knowledge that he possesses, but which he studiously fails to share and fails to act upon and which he routinely twists and misrepresents.

There are other examples equally damning that show that Larry is a fraud, but why bother enumerating the long, long list?   Ignore Larry Becraft if you are not educated enough to sort the wheat from the chaff of his “information”— and if you are far enough along to profit, read his “stuff” to gain a handle on the latest trends in the federale programming and to deconstruct their arguments— which Larry unconsciously reveals by parroting them—-and to sharpen your own mental and legal skills on his whetstone.  USED appropriately, Larry has proven valuable to the patriot cause in many ways he never intended, but then, that is the nature of things.

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