Wouldn't it be nice to have an attorney INSTANTLY on call 24/7? Imagine being stopped by a cop, and as he approaches your car, you hand him your cellphone as you pleasantly say, "Hi! My attorney would like to talk to you!"

Or, imagine yourself doing legal research. You have a burning question, and you need to talk to an attorney specialist, no extra charge, unlimited phone calls.

Or, imagine finding a highly rated attorney who actually is interested in keeping you satisfied with his services, cares about your case, and will discount his regular fee. No problem. The attorney receives a monthly fee from the company to keep you and other clients happy. He won't risk his good deal by screwing up a small case.

Would you like protection against identity theft? No problem! Here you will not only find notification, but the company will actually take the burden of doing whatever is necessary to restore your identity.

In addition to all that, this can be a business opportunity for you. You, too, can make money.

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